Enterprise Software Systems

Total Quality Systems, Inc. has a long tradition of developing and sustaining enterprise class, game changing software system solutions for the Department of Defense and private industry. These software systems range from streamlining of acquisition requirements documentation, to collection of serialized repair history of high value assets, to streamlining maintenance, repair, and overhaul processes.

Contingency Acquisition Support Model (cASM)

  • 2018 SBIR | STTR Program Office Certificate of Recognition
  • 2011 SBA Tibbetts Award Winner

cASM is an award winning DoD Acquisition Category (ACAT) III program. It is a web-based software application built to create pre-contract award requirements documents and forms compiled in a digital package for transmission to a contract writing system. Users input data once into cASM and re-used in multiple documents and forms through an interface similar to easy to use commercial tax preparation software. cASM selects the set of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and DFARS required documents and forms based on the type of acquisition, estimated dollar amount and the competitive nature of the acquisition. cASM employs a customizable workflow for reviews and approvals prior to execution by the Contingency Contracting Officer, thus reducing coordination time and potentially hazardous travel in contingency locations around the world.

Contingency contracting planners can develop and store joint procurement packages comprised of individual service component’s plan involved in conjunction with the respective operational plan. The plan can then be selected and converted into a requirements package(s) in minimal time and quickly procured, thus reducing initial deployment timelines.

cASM will decrease the time to plan, build and approve procurement requirements packages in austere environments resulting in faster delivery of life support products and services to the warfighter in any contingency.

TQS is the original developer and current sustainer of cASM for the DoD under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) IDIQ contract.

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G200 Defense Repair Information Logistics System (DRILS)

TQS developed and currently sustains DoD's web-based G200 Defense Repair Information Logistics System (DRILS) that has been collecting serialized maintenance data for U.S. Air Force aircraft avionics worldwide since 2000. The data collected by DRILS is fed to the Air Force Data Services (AFDS) and Reliability & Maintainability Information System (REMIS) repositories for consumption by users worldwide. G200 DRILS data enhances sustainment support to the warfighter through improved decision support, including root cause analysis and supply chain management.

The flexible design of the DRILS system has withstood the test of time over the past 18 years and has proven time and again to be an ideal rapid prototyping environment for Air Force and DoD level initiatives such as Item Unique Identifiers (IUID), warranty tracking, consumption and demand forecasting, performance based contracts, as well as joint service data collection and analysis.

Commercial Repair Information Local Server (CDRILS)

CDRILS is the commercial variant of the popular G200 DRILS software. CDRILS is a web-based offering for private industry, namely original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to use and collect detailed serialized maintenance history in support of high value repairable assets. It provides all of the features and functions of G200 DRILS without operating on the Department of Defense network. Data collected in CDRILS is directly compatible with G200 DRILS and allows OEMs to supply serialized history collected under contract repair to the Department of Defense for import into the G200 DRILS at the appropriate time intervals.

Process Order Design and Display System (PODDS)

TQS developed the PODDS system for the 309th Maintenance Wing (MXW) at Hill AFB, Utah. PODDS is a web-based software program that is used by 309th Process Engineers to document and electronically coordinate first time repair and overhaul processes that augment technical data and provide specific instructions to depot personnel on the proper description of their work task. PODDS enables Process Engineers to lay out their process orders and coordinate the automated workflow of review and approval of the process order before it is published to depot repair personnel.